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09 July 2016
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soul promo2

SoulScape Journey – “In Her Own Words.”

“Our intention is to Love, Heal & Inspire each goddess who is open to receiving a dose of magic in our Mystical Den. We are offering Akashic & Evolutionary Astrology Readings as a way for each goddess to connect deeply to her truth, revealing what may be hidden below the surface and bringing it forth […]

cirque promo

Veronica Camaioni – “In Her Own Words.”

“I want every woman to experience the feeling of confidence they get from achieving their first aerial silks trick. Performing silks is one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had, and I want to share that experience with other women. You will be in a positive environment where we all aim you to […]

Amber Promo

Amber Lilly – “In Her Own Words.”

“This will be my first time at the Goddess event and I am beyond excited to be apart of it. My intentions for the goddesses who will be joining my dance class is simple – I want you to be as free as your mind and body will allow. The dance workshop will not be […]

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